Do you ever wonder why some people live longer than others? Or why some people fall ill more frequently than others? Or why you hear doctors say someone’s immune system is stronger than that of another?

Well… it’s because they take regular, good care of themselves.  Living healthy is very important and essential for longevity of life. Here are 12 helpful tips to help you stay healthy.

Drinking of water: Drinking of clean and healthy at the right time cannot be over emphasized. Water is essential for the body, food metabolism, bowel movement and a lot more.

Water should be taken early in the morning, 30 minutes before meals, after meals and during exercise. You shouldn’t allow your body to be dehydrated before taking water.

Eat good food: Food contains more than about 50% of the energy source of humans. Not only that, it is also a good source of heat, nutrients that aides growth and repairs of tissues and a lot more.

All classes of food are important, we should try to eat a lot of home cooked meal and avoid eating too much junk food because nothing beats a home cooked meal.

Regular intake of fruit and vegetables: Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins, fiber, minerals and other healthy chemical substances. A diet rich in fruit and vegetable can help the body build antibodies that protect the body from sicknesses and diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases e.t.c. they are a lot of variety to chose from like apples, mango, oranges, strawberries only but a few to mention.

Avoid harmful substances: The body needs to be protected from harming substance like smoking, excessive alcohol and drug.

These things have been to found to be the cause of sicknesses like stroke, diabetes, lost of memory, paralysis, cardiac arrest and many others. Whether passively or actively they still turn out to affect the body negatively.

Avoid excessive intake of salt and sugar: There is a saying that every advantage has its own disadvantage.

This is applicable to sugar and salt, they are very essential for the body and at the same time can be very dangerous to the body if taken excessively or out of proportion.

Regular exercise: Some toxic material in our body may not be able to leave except through proper exercise, our bones and skeletal system need to be strengthened and this cannot be done except through exercise. Regular exercise is important for the general well being of our body system. We could try it every morning and evening, a little walk or jugging, even a Saturday visit to the gym as it will go a long way in keeping us fit and helping us stay health.

Go for regular checkups: Some people are very scared of going to the hospital but they need not be. Regular blood pressure check especially for aged people, sugar level, cancer check, HIV testing or even blood level checks can help with general knowledge of one’s body system or even the early diagnosis of illness.

Practice good personal hygiene: A healthy hygiene culture is very important because sickness causing germs can be anywhere. As little as regular washing and sanitizing of our hand and other familiar surfaces, washing, drying and ironing of our clothes, washing of our bath rooms and toilets or even regular fumigation of our environments can save us from this sickness causing germs living around us.

Get enough sleep: The National Sleep Foundation guideline has advice that it’s best for one to sleep for 7 to 9 hour every night.

Sleeping helps our concentration, it reduces stress, helps with retention of memory and it also keeps the heart healthy. It helps with mood boasting and if you are struggling with lots of weight, proper sleep can help you reduce your weight.

Have a positive mindset: Our thoughts have a way of controlling our body system.  Although it is very hard in this tying times but it is of necessity that we stay happy always, be around happy people and not worry much. You could try listening to good music and staying around good friends as a good mind produces a good body.

Stay in a good environment: Staying in a healthy environment is important. An ideal environment is supposed to be out of industrial areas, filled with plants and trees, clean and healthy.

It is important to maintain good health, as it will not only help you live long but also reduce the financial cost of hospital bills. I believe this tips have been helpful and I look forward to seeing you stay healthy and live long.


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