15 Years Old Boy Shows No Remorse For Killing His Parents And 3 Younger Siblings

15-year-old Mason Sisk who killed his parents and three younger siblings at Limestone County, Alabama, on Sep. 2019, after finding out his mom was actually his stepmom, has shown no remorse over his actions.

He was charged earlier this week with five counts of murder.

Tara Pressnell, the probation officer in charge of his case, said that Mason did not seem bothered by the fact that he is accused of murdering his family and he has shown no sign of remorse.

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Mason was also seen carrying out school work and interacting well with others as if nothing happened to this family.

Mason’s Mom and Dad

Mason’s dad, John Sisk, 38, was a cosmetologist before the murder. His stepmom Mary Sisk, 35, was a teacher. His half brother Grayson was age 6. His half-sister Aurora was five and the last Colson was six-month-old.


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