Benefits Of Pets

“Please get me a pet mum!….”


Well, that was 6 years old me, endlessly pleading with my mum to get me a pet.


  Although pets cannot take over babies’ love, they are not out of the competition of being the most loved creatures nowadays. 2 out of each 4 humans in our world today, already own a pet or had owned one. Pets are becoming the most sought source of companionship and pleasure, although some pets are more sociable than others.


    A pet is a companion animal, that is usually domesticated and is beneficial physically and emotionally for pet owners. Usually, most people get pets for companionship, protection and attractiveness of the animal. 


” Did you know?…”


Dogs are the first-ever known pets.


Although there are several animals that can be kept as pets, Dogs and Cats are the two most popular pets. Some pets include Ferrets, Mice, Guinea Pigs, parrots, Turtles, Fish e.t.c. 


A cat lover is referred to as an Ailurophile, while a dog lover is referred to as a Cynophile. Different pets include rodents, reptile pets, amphibians pets, arthropod pets, pocket pets e.t.c. The largest animal pets are the Equine and Bovine groups.


Some Benefits Of Pets


Therapists use pets to achieve physical, social and cognitive goals with their patients. Pets can help in reducing anxiety and depression. 


A research conducted in 1986, shows that having a pet can help a person live a longer and healthier life. Owning a pet can also help in the reduction of heart disease, and dementia cases e.t.c. For the elderly, a pet can be a requirement for good health. Also, trained dogs (guide dogs) can help people with vision impairment.

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Pets Popularity 


Pets have become ever popular globally. For instance, CHINA has recorded an estimated growth of $3.12 billion in 2010 to $25 billion in 2018 spent on pets food and other pets related products. 51 million dogs and 41 million cats are owned by Chinese people. In the UK, a 2007 survey conducted by the University Of Bristol estimated that 26% of UK citizens owned cats and 31% are dog owners. In 2009, ITALY estimated that there are 45 million pets in Italy which is made up of 7.5 million cats, 10 million snakes, 16 million fish and 7 million dogs.



 But what must you consider before owning a pet? Take a glance at the subheading below…


What You Should Consider


Owning and caring for a pet can be expensive. 1994 Canadian study proves that the most common reasons for not owning a pet were; lack of financial ability to care for a pet, lack of time, and lack of sustainable housing. Yes! Owning a pet without meeting certain requirements may be detrimental to the health of the pet. Consider the following when planning to own a pet:


  • FEEDING: An essential requirement for every pet is feeding. Inappropriate feeding can lead to health issues, which could be fatal. Hence, it is essential you know the food applicable to your desired pet.

  • COMMITMENT: How committed would you be? Remember that owning a pet is a long-run commitment. You should be ready to provide food, shelter, healthcare and all necessities for the rest of your animal’s life.

  • YOUR LIFESTYLE: Will a pet suit your lifestyle? Pets require lots of attention. If you have a busy schedule or lifestyle, you might have to reconsider taking a pet especially when you don’t have someone to assist.

  • RESEARCH:  How much can you say about the pet you are going for? You need to make an extensive research about the pet you are going for. Caring for a pet can require a great deal of knowledge.

  • GET A VETERINARIAN: You need to use the services of a veterinary doctor (vet) to call on for your pet health concerns. A vet should be a reliable source of information when it is your pet ownership. Seek the advice of a vet before getting a pet.

  • Last, you might also need to make findings of policies that govern pet ownership of where you stay. Different states, towns and cities have their own rules and regulations governing the ownership of pets. You must make sure you are not bypassing any laws.

Although owning a pet is pretty expensive, it is still worth it. Yes! The pet industry is becoming the subsequent big thing. Cheers!




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