Spiritual health

5 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Health is Important

Spiritual health simply entails how strong a person is as regards their relationship with God; how consistent and intentional one is about maintaining their faith. Yes, everyone talks about how important your physical, mental and even emotional health is, but your spiritual health is also very important.

The reason why I did not refer it to as ‘religious health’ is because many people mistake religiousity for spirituality. I do not merely mean following the doctrines of the Christian faith like going to church regularly, praying multiple times a day or joining bible study groups. Of course these activities are crucial when it comes to one’s spiritual health, but that is not all it is about.

When one hears spiritual health, one should think:
1) Practising what you have been taught in the Bible
2) Spreading love, joy and peace
3) Allowing God to lead
4) Making sure that God is the first priority
5) Developing relationships (whether platonic or not) with people who take their faith seriously
6) Being intentional about serving God always

Spiritual health

And, by doing this, these are 5 things one can stand to gain once we improve our spiritual health (or the reason why it is important):
1) There is a significant change in your life that everyone around you can see; you become a new being.
2) Negative habits and thoughts one used to harbour begin to slowly disintegrate; the only thing that begins to matter is doing what is right.
3)You begin to realize that the only thing that matters is pleasing God, not people. (See Galatians 1:10)
4) Godly fruits begin to manifest in your life.
5) Lastly, but certainly not all, you realize that God is faithful, and he knows what He is doing. Every worry or fear or doubt begins to dissipate because you realize that God is in charge.

If you’re not an atheist, then I truly hope this article speaks to you and informs you about the importance of maintaining one’s spiritual health.

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