5 Signs you need a new job

“Why did you leave your last job”?

This question is a common one asked by recruiters when you’re job hunting. If you find it hard answering that question, then maybe you left your previous job for all the wrong reasons. Need for a better salary, relocation and harassment in the workplace are the most common reasons why people want to leave their job. Alot of times, we struggle with the thought of changing our job and then you ask yourself questions like; “will I get a new job?” “What happens if I don’t?” “How will I cope?” “Will the next job be better than this?”

These questions will always come up. Make decisions for the right reasons.

1. Culture and environment: A toxic environment and discouraging work culture cannot be underestimated! Even as children, the environment we were nurtured in played a big role in how we turned out. Same goes for the workplace, if it’s not your boss, it’s probably your colleagues. The perfect workplace does not exist, but a toxic one isn’t bearable either. Your mental health is important.

2. Poor communication and feedback: An ideal workplace should have proper communication and feedback from employees. On this part, the managers and executives have a role to play. Retreats and hangouts are cool things employees look forward to in creating good interpersonal relationship between themselves. Open door policy is also an avenue for good communication. In this case, managers, CEOs and others who hold leadership positions, leave their doors open as a sign of openess and transparency.

3. Little or no work: When you start asking yourself; “am I even needed here?” Then there’s a problem. This means you feel useless, out of place, low in self esteem and confidence. It’s almost like your skills aren’t even being recognized!

Think of any job you did sometimes back, maybe a volunteer or freelance role. Did you see your skills being used for those jobs than now? Generally, people feel more useful when they are engaged with activities that puts their abilities and skills just where it should be.

Having little or nothing to do on a routine can even be more tiring than having so much. You begin to feel bored; this leads to lack of motivation which finally results in zero job fulfillment.

4. No growth: Being in an organization without any form of growth is as good as staying at home. No one wants to experience stagnancy, much more on a job. The ‘years of experience’ section on job requirements is not just for fun, the employer expects that some level of growth has taken place during that time. If you don’t see any improvement from the first day you worked into that office then something isn’t right. Asides technical, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, employers can provide mentorship and career coaching programs for their staff as a way of investing in them. If an employer is investing in you, it simply means you’re an asset to that organization. The reason why people get promoted is also a way of measuring growth. An organization without a growth ladder will only make you stagnant, without a sense of direction.

5. Career change: All things listed below might not be an issue at your current place of work because you want to change your career path. This is mostly common when you found yourself at that organization with the sole aim of paying bills. We sometimes apply for different job roles all at once because we just want to do a job and get paid – as time goes on, you begin to realise that your current specialisation is not what you desire – it was only a means to an end. The need to change career path is another reason why you probably need to start job hunting again.

These are the major reasons you probably hiss when you wake up for work.

P.S: Make sure you’ve held the tree before letting go of the branch!


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