5 Simple Ways to Build a Brand

Are you thinking of owning a business? You will need some tips on how to kickstart your journey. This is a basic guide on how to build a brand for your business.

β—¦ Maintain a clear mission

What is the driving force of your brand? Is the brand about fashion, cookery, mentoring, amongst others.

This sets you in the right direction and allows you to focus on your target market. Remember that you can always venture into another field, nevertheless, you need an initial target.

β—¦ Research

Once an idea exists, the next best thing is research. Research about your target audience and opponents. Talk to those who are in your target market, get to know what/why they patronize your idea related products. Place yourself in the customer’s position and ask relevant questions.

β—¦ Get a brand name, slogan, and logo

Now that you have identified what you want, it guides you into choosing a name.

Note that your name and logo are the first points of contact.

Slogan is your brand description in a nutshell. What words or metaphors describe your brand (Fun, confident, professional, goofy). How do you want your customers to feel when they use your brand (Nike- Just do it).

Create a unique and identifiable logo. It could be a character, letter mark, an abstract, or even a combination of graphics and words.

β—¦ Customize your brand

Define the look of your brand. What colors, font style, or sizes do you choose to use. Always take into consideration your customers (make it legible and unique).

Market your brand. There are different marketing strategies that you can use. Always remember your goal.

β—¦ Evolve as you grow

Do not limit yourself. Keep researching, seize opportunities, take customers’ feedbacks and work on queries. Review, rebrand, repackage, be innovative, and most importantly, thrive. You got this!


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