5 Things To Know When Getting a Smartphone

Welcome to the 21st century where technology lives! It’s everywhere, and it keeps getting better.

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Mobile phones have been around for over four decades; from phones of 1973 that weighed 2 kilograms to smart phones that weigh 130grams and work like the speed of light. From “pemi pada owo n ro mi (call me back my hand hurts- in Yoruba)” to weightless air pods connected to your phone. Everyone wants a Smartphone, even my 93year old grandma (yeah, I laughed too). Basic things to consider when buying a phone are:

Body/Display: If you are like my mum who loves something handy that fits right into her palms and doesn’t weigh much, then you shouldn’t go for a “note” kind of phone. A phone of 110-120 grams with a 5.4inch display should work for you. It’s moderate in size and still trendy. If you feel you want something much more especially if you’re a game lover or you love watching movies on your phone or reading your favorite eBook, then you’ll need a bigger display.

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Platform: This includes the Operating System (OS) and the Processor. Smart phones run on different operating systems. There’s the Android OS, iOS, and Windows OS. These operating systems work differently on different devices, one might have a feature the other doesn’t have and sometimes they might both have it. A processor is known as a chipset, it’s different from the core and intel on your laptops. Like the name implies, it helps your phone process information faster. It can be likened to an engine, it controls what happens to your phone and helps it run smoothly. A slow processor is one of the reasons phones become sluggish.

Memory: Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM) are two important features of a phone. The main job of the RAM is to help you store your apps and make them run smoothly. If you plan on having apps with a total of 2GB in size, it will be wise to buy a phone of a least 3GB RAM in size, the remaining 1GB RAM will help the apps run smoothly while in use. If you love to play high graphic games, you are going to need more than that. The ROM refers to the total storage. This also depends on what you intend to store on your phone, it is safe to get a phone that supports expandable memory (SD Card) just in case the phone storage gets full.

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Camera: If there’s one thing I love about a good phone, it’s the camera. There are some cameras that just make you fall in love with yourself every time you take a picture. Phone manufacturers understand this need, that’s why there are camera-focused smartphones everywhere. We should get something right though; high megapixels are good signs that the camera is going to be great but behind every megapixel is an aperture. The Aperture is what makes the picture quality and the tricky thing is, the lower the aperture; the better the quality! So don’t be confused when your friend’s phone camera is 13mp but seems to produce better quality than your 16mp camera.

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Battery: One thing I can’t afford to get wrong in a phone is the battery size. I watch YouTube videos, chat on social media platforms and my playlist is on repeat.

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All these need good battery life especially when I’m on the move and I don’t want to carry my phone charger everywhere I go like it’s my Identity Card. If you agree with me on this, we should be talking about phones with at least 4000 MAH. It’s also good you know that battery life depreciates as you keep using the phone and it gets worse when you keep charging it unnecessarily (yes! I’m talking to you using your phone while it’s charging and on 99%!).

While you are being financially wise, these things should be considered in line with your budget so you don’t go for things you might not need. Find what works for you and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Shopping!




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