About Coming to America 2

The Coming to America 2 movie has been slightly controversial since its release this month. It has its admirers, however most people seem to think it’s a total waste of time, especially considering how good the first movie was.

Even though Davido’s appearance left fans aching to watch the film, others believe his appearance is unnecessary as he doesn’t even spend up to five minutes on screen.

Here are some reactions:

Coming 2 America..lol. I doubt any big studio was behind it. Looks like something Eddy Murphy raised little money for and called his comedy friends to join. Locations at Rick Ross home &Tyler Perry studio. Weak storyline & plot. A good laugh but nothing close to the classic. 3/10

Some things are better left without a repeat so that the memories of the first time will be untainted. That’s all I’ll say about what I just finished watching

Stupid unfunny jokes. β€’Silly choreographed scenes. β€’Foolish narrative of an African mythical palace in a jungle of lions and elephants strolling around. A total creative calamity. If you ever saw Part1 Don’t watch Coming to America2. It will damage your memory of the story.



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