Adulthood is a scam

Adulthood is a Big Scam


I am sure that when you were younger, your parents would do certain things to you and the next thought that would come to your mind will be “I cannot wait to grow up and start working so I can move out of the house”.

I can remember how I used to look forward to growing older and getting into the university. A few days ago, my nine-year-old cousin called me and told me that her mum was frustrating her. “She’s controlling my life!! She won’t let me do anything!!” I laughed and told her I am 21 years old and my parents are still controlling my life. Adulthood is a big scam, especially in Nigeria. Nobody told us growing up would be so stressful.

As a child, my perception of adulthood was so different from what I am experiencing now. When I was in secondary school, I had the perception that once I am in university, it’s just to be having the time of my life and be collecting money from my parents. I even hoped to get a minor job on the side. Please don’t ask me how that turned out.

Everything our older ones told us about university life and adulthood is a lie. Honestly, I am not even paying my own bills yet and I am already frustrated. Whoever is driving this adulthood bus should stop, I want to come down. I’ll get back in when I travel abroad. I am an avid YouTube watcher. I love to watch YouTube videos.

I see how my mates in the US and Canada are making big moves and I immediately get jealous. I mean, most of my mates are already moving out of their parents’ houses and starting their own lives. No curfew, no control, nothing. That’s the adulthood I dreamed about. That’s the money I was promised. I have only been 21 for a week and I’m ready to give up. The price of everything has gone up.

I can’t even think about moving out because I know the eternal starvation that is waiting for me if I move out of my parents’ house at the moment. Let me just respect myself and be living under my father’s roof till further notice. Let’s not even talk about the price of onions!! Let me stop my ranting here.

*Raises glass*

Here’s to all the adults (like me) who are now realising the harsh reality of being an adult in Nigeria. Here’s to all of us university students struggling with school and CGPA (nobody told me too until I entered it).

Here’s to all adults in school desperately looking for legal ways to make money on the side. Here’s to you looking for a job or struggling to make ends meet.

We’ll all get through the stress of being adults in Nigeria.

*Takes shot*

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