“Any Fool Can Have A Child And Call Themselves A Parent” – Charly Boy Says Reacting To His Daughter Calling Him Out

Charly’s boy daughter Dewy Oputa, recently called out her father for gaslighting and using her for clout after he went online saying he’s proud to have a lesbian daughter.

According to her, he says things online just to be labelled father of the year, but offline he doesn’t care about her existence.

One post of Dewy calling her father out and Him replying her

In an Instagram post, Charly wrote, “Any fool can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs.”

In a second post, he advised parents with LGBTQ+ children to be more understanding.

The post reads:

Urgent Info for Parents.

Hummm, ogaooo.
I swear Parenting is not an easy somethingoooo.
Na me and my Baby, Dewy dey trend these days.
Shey una see as my Princess dey tackle me

My post a few days ago, about my daughters
right to her sexuality, opened my eyes and exposed me to
the Huge growing community of LGTBQ’s in Nigeria.
Ol boy, e shock me. I can’t lie.

My People, as I wake yesterday I setup a hotline for young people who have challenges communicating with their parent/parents, who needed a listening ear. I was on the phone, from 9am till 11.45pm,
recorded over a thousand calls before I lost count. I had to shut down, my ears don full. I heard stories dat made me teary eyed, the emotional trauma the LGTBQs community is going through amongst the numerous wahala we face in dis country.

Parents must understand that sometimes their child will probably not live the life they dreamed for them and this has nothing to do with being good parents or bad parents. Our influence and nurture for our kids it’s not more than 25%, 75% of their lives is under attack by external influences, social media, peer pressure, what they pickup in school, etc etc.
We should sometimes allow our children to unfold but not without guidance and laying good values, morals, believe in self and always encouraging them to be their authentic self, as they grow.

Our children have their own hang ups you must know., weather you feel they are childish, immature or fall short of your picture of them. They’ve struggles too and suffer from internal turmoil—don’t make them feel any worse. Imagine their internal struggle when these confusing feelings arise.
Our society is filled with hypocrisy, lesbianism/homosexuality started way before social media, predominantly in the north. Now, it in our churches, Nollywood, House of assembly, even in Aso Rock, it’s everywhere my People, and we must educate ourselves to have a better understanding of this phenomenon.

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