ASUU issues warning to Federal Government

ASUU, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, has given a warning that it may recommence its strike which was freshly suspended in December 2020 if the Federal Government fails to meet its demands.

The strike in question began in March 2020, before the first wave of the coronavirus spread in Nigeria. It happened due to the fact that the Federal Government did not meet its demands as agreed in 2009. However, it was suspended indefinitely in December 2020 after some negotiation with the government.

The Chairman at the Federal University of Technology, Attahiru Ndansita told TheCable Lifestyle on Tuesday:

“It might happen. In the suspension, we made it clear that if FG reneges on the agreements, we might resume. We didn’t call off the strike. We only suspended it, hoping things would be done based on the timeline given,”

“The timeline expired on December 31 and the government has done none of these things it agreed to.

“The payment of our withheld salaries has not been completed, apart from the initial two months they paid out of the six months. They had agreed to pay the balance on or before the 31st. Our members are still hungry.

“And they expect us to go back to class. They promised they were going to settle all the arrears of EAA and they’ve not until now. They also promised to release the revitalisation fund to public universities, which is N30 billion.

“The step forward is clearly stated in the president’s press release. We don’t need to notify anyone to resume the strike and we’re likely to resume it. We will advise the parents not to send their children to school yet.

“This is because we will not resume classes if FG ends up reneging on any of the agreements. It’s that simple.”There is still a lot of controversy surrounding this issue, and in the end, it is the future of children that is at stake.



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