How to stay safe during the Christmas holidays

Christmas Holidays: How to Stay Safe from the Covid.

It is Christmas time again and we obviously do not want you to kill your joy with any virus, especially COVID-19.Β  Thus, it is very important that you stay really safe as you back in the season’s excitement.


How do you Stay Safe during the Christmas Holidays?

a. Your home is the safest place during this Christmas holidays


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I know many of us already have travel, picnic and date plans. However, if you can, stay at home.Β  As much as we would like to spend this season with our loved ones and extended family members, we should not neglect our health. You know, safety should be your paramount concern during this period.Β  We would love to see you in 2021!

You know, safety should be your Paramount concern during this Christmas holidays.

b.Β  Ensure that your First-aid box is properly equipped.

Yes! This is very important. Anything can happen anytime, even in your home. Therefore, you must be ready. Your First-aid box should contain essentials like penicillin for minor injuries, analgesics, methylated spirit, cotton wool amongst others.

c. Wear your face mask
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I mean, this is an over-stated command. Sadly, you see many people not putting on their face masks. If you intend to travel, please don’t take this lightly.

d. Practice healthy feeding habits

You don’t want to come down with an upset tummy. Fortify your body with enough vitamins so as to build your immune system. Please, cut down on the junk foods and feast on natural foods.

e.Β  Don’t expose yourself to the harsh weather

For those of you that stay in places where harmattan is real, your cardigan and balm are your jolly good friends. I know you want to show off the sexy dress you got for Christmas or the nice swimming trunks your aunt got for you. Please, dears, don’t expose yourself to sickness. Play your part and stay safe.

f. Wave! Don’t shake.

Wave to your people and your friends. Minimize body contact of any form.

What are your safety plans this Christmas? Let us know via the comment section. Meanwhile, catch up on our post on 11 TIPS FOR HEALTHY BODY


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