New Coronavirus? What you need to know

Cononavirus is no longer news to the whole world. This virus brought to a shuddering halt most activities that involves contact? This is not the first outbreak of a disease in the history of the world but this virus has affected the globe. It brought with it a lot of new words like lockdown, social distancing, staying safe etc.

We all felt that the damage done could not be worse than this. A lot of people are still reeling from the effects of the virus and despite the hard work put in place by medical personnel, the virus has reared its ugly head again via a mutation. Mutation means that the DNA sequence of an organism has been changed, which might give the organism new characteristics.

The horrifying news is that the new Covid-19 variant/mutant is now in Nigeria and many people are already testing positive to the virus in many states across the federation. Many states have cancelled crossover services to prevent the spread of the virus so what do you need to know about this new Covid-19?

  1. The symptoms have not changed from pain, diarrhoea, muscle weakness, loss of taste and smell, fever etc.
  2. There is no confirmation yet whether this new variant will be deadlier than the previous one.
  3. There is no assurance that the vaccine made will not work for the new variant.
  4. The virus is still transmitted the same way; via contact.

You should not be worried about the new cβ€Žoronavirus but should you be concerned about its emergence. Maybe all we need is just a little more grit and determination to see of this virus so we should just continue to stay safe, practice social distancing, observe good hygiene and take care of our health.




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