Couple allegedly force neighbour to sexually abuse their own 4 years old daughter

Police say that the couple forced their neighbours to sexually abuse their own 4 years old daughter and further tortured the young girl to death.

Kourtney Aumen, 21, and her partner Ethan Mast, 35, both from Warsaw in Missouri, US, allegedly beat up their neighbours’ young daughter from head to toe, dumped her in a freezing lake and left her to die with her injuries.

The alleged couple told police after their arrest that they have been targeting the family for torture because the family’s mother is possessed by a demon.

Police said that on arriving at the house of the deceased family, they found the young girl wrapped in a blanket and covered with bruises, adding that that girl had been beaten with a wooden spoon, leather belt, punched and submerged in freezing water.

Speaking with the police, the girl’s father said that Aumen and Mast had been torturing him, his wife, his two sons and their late daughter. Police added that they met the man’s wife covered in dark bruises on her face and back. The couple’s two-year-old son was also badly bruised, although their youngest son, an infant, had no visible injuries.

When asked why the family father did not intervene during the incidence, the dad said Aumen and Mast said it was the only way to remove “Satan” from his wife. They are also said to have threatened to kill him.

Reports have it that Aumen and Mast forced the couple to sexually abuse their young girl. Mast is said to have punched and flogged the girl with a belt while beating her two-year-old brother with a wooden spoon and forcing their dad to watch. The little girl was left shivering to death.

Aumen and Mast have been arrested and are to face second-degree murder and sexual assault charge.

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