December and self care syndrome: how to recover

“Try dey enjoy! Problem no dey finish”

This statement and many more of it’s kind are responsible for dangerous financial decisions. The trend had always been there; things like “we go dey alright las las”…. “It is what it is”…. “Life is short”

All these are ways of expressing the need to practice self care occasionally; especially when you already survive a harsh environment. What crowned it all was when Timaya came with the song – I can’t kill myself.

I mean, it’s alright to remove 3k from that 8k, stroll gallantly to the man selling roasted croacker fish by the junction, make a purchase and then proceed to buy chilled youghurt to go with it. On getting home, make sure there’s fan on your head, as you give your tummy what it deserves.

After all…. Problem no dey finish for this life.

There’s no crime in doing the little things that make you happy, visit the spa today, watch that movie at the cinemas in 4D, visit the arcade, buy that human hair and so on. It is however important or let me say it like we do here “importanter” (the word doesn’t exist sha), that you practice caution during the festive period. Yes, if we are to do a retrospect of what 2020 has been, we’ll need all the self care and enjoyment we can gather, but like every other year, the new year starts with January which has a way of looking like a month with 90 days ☚ī¸. This is common knowledge, year in and out, but there’s just something about December that makes you go aaallll the way with your money.

Citation, the movie

January is a month of survival. Here are few tips to stay alright till you bounce back

1. Have no regrets

Many people got paid early in December because offices were closing early and many of us still made budgets (all na scam!) We still ended up overspending. It is by then you start regretting the amount you spent. “If I hadn’t bought that hamper for that person” “I should have gone to the beach instead of amusement park”. All these statements begin to set in, stress and worry also follow. Just know that it’s a phase and it will pass.

2. Use a spending diet

Just like the name sounds when you say “I’m on a diet”, that’s what it means; your money is being rationed. This is the time to cut down and reduce unecessary expenses. Every month, we incurre expenses on things we want instead of things we need.

You can start by cutting down your subscription, before you roll your eyes 🙄, think about it. How many shows will be aired this month? Europa league isn’t starting now either. How many will you even be able to watch when you resume work? You won’t die if you don’t pay cable subscription for the month of January. Use the money for something else you need.

3. Best time to use the gifts

Christmas has been the season of expressing love with gifts and for many, just as you have given, you have also received. Rice here, groundnut oil there, cornflakes up, milk down…. Some people expected all these and for some, they didn’t. All those little items will add up as your foodstuffs in the new month so don’t be quick to consume them all.

4. Plan ahead

Most times, we wait till the very last minute before planning, which is the first error. Planning for your next expenses is done best after spending a lot. This is because you’ve realized all your mistakes and you want to be prudent about it. Learn to make a list of what your expenses should look like in the coming months. Especially for the love birds on Valentine’s day 🤭

5. Invest

When most people hear the word INVESTMENT, their heart skips a bit because they think it involves six figures. Calm down. There are low risk investments you can key into. Once you get your hands on some money you can spare, invest it. Who knows, the returns might ease your expenses by next December.

Happy New Year!🌟


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