Decluttering your Mind

It is about that time when you draw in that deep breath and exhale with so much depth that your body feels the sensation spread all over.

You are tired, but you do not want to admit that you are tired.

Could it be that there are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take on and you do not want to leave it in the hands of incompetent individuals, or the fact that you have a point to prove at work or school, maybe it is something personal such as negative thoughts always springing up in your mind, whatever the problem may be, you need to care for you

To declutter your mind is to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and key into this calm and relaxed zone where you train yourself to stop overthinking and worrying.



As individuals, it can be so easy to get caught up in our everyday activity, completing projects from start to finish, mentally absorbing side talks from people, struggling to find clarity, it’s a whole lot and if you allow all of these pile up to the extent that it comes a daily task – it becomes a problem. This problem can affect your esteem, state of mind, wellness amongst others.

To avoid a clogged mind and key into having a decluttered mind, here are some tips that would aid you as go through this process:

1 Identify the Problem

You would only be deceiving yourself if you just want to take on a task without understanding what is required of you, so is the same as decluttering. You have to be able to point out what the problem is, what triggers the problem, how you feel when you’re in and out of that zone. The goal of this is to achieve clarity. When you’ve identified the problem, the next step is to create a scenario.

2  Create a Scenario

Picture how it would be if you acted differently as regards what you would do if you were confronted with that problem and then stick to it. For example, my reaction when I hear rumors about myself would be to fixate on why the person would utter such a statement but then if I was to act differently, it would be to not pay attention to whatever rumor is going on. Through this, I have been able to redirect my attention.

3  Make out time for yourself

This in itself is explanatory, as we should endeavour to make this a priority. Take that one month break, if possible a year! Do it for you and your sanity, your mind would thank you. During this period, you can decide whatever you want with your time that would keep your mind decluttered.

4  Constantly Check-in

It can be so easy to enjoy all the benefits that decluttering your mind brings that you forget about it and you end up in another problematic zone. Always check in with yourself, these tips should help and if you also have your way or method of decluttering, ensure to always check in with yourself.

How do you stay calm? Got some brilliant tips? Share them in the comment section.






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