‘Donald Trump Bullied His Way Into Acting “Home Alone”‘ – Director Of The Movie “Home Alone”

Chris Columbus, the Director of the movie “Home Alone” in an interview with Insider, claims the President Of United States Donald Trump bullied his way into acting the movie “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York”.

According to him, they needed to shoot in the Lobby of the Plaza Hotel, which Donald Trump owned.


Trump in the movie "Home Alone"
Trump in the movie “Home Alone 2”

When they approached Trump to seek his permission into using the Lobby, Trump agreed to let them shoot there only if he was in the Movie.

“He did bully his way into the movie,” Columbus said.

Columbus also added that they paid Trump the fee required to shoot in the Lobby like it is customary to do, but Trump still insisted he must feature in the movie.

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