Dua Lipa once struggled with anxiety

Dua Lipa used to be anxious and wary of what people would say about her during interactions on social media. This led her to struggle with anxiety.

The singer, who enjoyed mainstream success in 2020 with the release of her album Future Nostalgia, has over 58 million followers on Instagram and 6.9 million Twitter followers.

However, due to the increasing amount of anxiety she felt because of social media, she gave her management the responsibility of handling her accounts.

She covered the February issue of British Vogue and told them: “I would get anxiety. And I was like, β€˜This shouldn’t be the way that I’m experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ It was messing with my confidence. I’d be super-nervous, wondering what everyone’s gonna say.”

Talking about her relationship with 21 year old Anwar Hadid, the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, she reveals she is meticulous about how much she uploads about her relationship with him.

“We have all these incredible memories and experiences, and if there’s something that we want to share together, then OK that’s fun,” Dua says. “But at the same time, we’re quite private – we’ll only show you as much as we want you to see. It’s a little bit of give and take, trying to find the right balance of being so excited and being in love, and wanting to share that with the people around me, but at the same time not wanting to put too much out there.”

“I want to be able to just be happy in this relationship without having other people’s opinions.”


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