Easy and fast way to prepare Nigerian Jollof Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a meal eaten mainly by young adults, I guess because of its simple method of cooking. Though several types of research have proven that it’s not healthy.

Spaghetti can be prepared in different ways, for instance, normal spaghetti with stew, Jollof spaghetti, concoction spaghetti ( which is common among students), fried spaghetti, and many more. Today’s method is Jollof spaghetti garnished with accessories.


-A pack of preferred Spaghetti

– I smoked fish.

– Ponmo and assorted beef

– 2 Onions

–Tin tomato ( optional)

– Atarodo, tomatoes (it could be blended or not)

-1/2 tablespoon of blended crayfish.

-1 1/2 cooking spoon of palm oil

– salt, Maggie, curry, and thyme ( to taste).

– carrot and  spring onion

Make sure the above ingredients are well sliced and sorted before you start cooking to make preparation easier for you.


I’m giving Jollof spaghetti preparation today because it is easy to understand.

1 Boil your spaghetti

For those of us that are not familiar with the kitchen, boiling spaghetti is very easy because it determines how soft or hard the spaghetti turn out. You first light up the gas or stove, place a pot filled with water and wait for a little for the water to heat up, break your spaghetti into the water.

Cook the spaghetti till it gets soft. This may take up to 20 to 30 minutes depending on the heat. After this sieve the spaghetti aside.

2. Prepare your sauce

The making of the sauce can be a little challenging because of the fear of putting too much or too little of an ingredient. First is pouring of the palm oil, which fries for a little bit then the sliced onions go in next, now the delicious aroma is being perceived. The online should fry a little while.

After which you pour the tin tomato and blended pepper (being a typical Yoruba girl I make my pepper excess) and stir to an extent, then you sprinkle salt, Maggie, curry, and thyme for taste, then cover the pot for it to fry well.

15 to 20 minutes later, put the ponmo, smoked fish, crayfish, assorted meat into the pepper, and stir well. While you chop your carrot and spring onions, which represents the vegetable to make the food a balanced diet.

Have a taste of the sauce to know if there is a need for an additional ingredient or not.

3. Combine the sauce with the spaghetti

This is the final stage of making a delicious Nigerian spaghetti. After adding the necessary ingredients to the sauce, the boiled spaghetti is then poured into the sauce for a good mixing till the spaghetti turns red and becomes Jollof spaghetti. The carrot and spring onions head to the top of the Jollof spaghetti to steam.

The spaghetti is stirred one more time to avoid getting burnt.

Now your Nigeria Jollof spaghetti is ready!!!

Best eaten with boiled egg, chicken, plantain or fish.


I would love to get feedback  on how it turned out when trying this method


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