Saddam Al-kilany

Egyptian Diver Spends 6 Days Underwater, Breaking World Record

Saddam Al-Kilany, a 29-year-old Scuba diver from Egypt, has broken the world record by spending 145 hours (6 days) underwater.

He stayed under the Red Sea for 145 hours and 30 minutes, which eliminates the previous world record of 142 hours and 47 minutes set by Cem Karabay, a Turkish diver in 2016.

According to Lad Bible, Saddam has spent 5 years training for this.

Saddam Al-Kilany
Saddam Al-kilany underwater

Saddam said he intended to remain underwater for 150 hours, but couldn’t because of health concerns.

Saddam had made headlines in September this year, when he held the engagement party of his fiancee and fellow diver, Pia Legora, underwater.

Saddam Al-kilany and fiancee
Saddam and Fiancee during the engagement

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