Father Shoots 10 Years Old Son, Turned And Shot Himself Too

A 40-year-old man fatally shot his 10 years old son before turning the gun and shot himself.

Calling the attention of The Tucson Police Department was a 911 caller who claimed he wanted to check on the said man since he wasn’t responding to his calls or messages.

Tucson Police Department Sgt. Richard Gradillas claimed that when he and his team arrived at the scene and knocked on the door, there was no answer. The team made entry into the apartment and found Phillip Foye dead because of a self-inflicted gunshot and his son Sebastian found dead from a gunshot in another part of the apartment.

Sgt. Richard said, “We treated it as a barricade situation. We were able to get our SWAT team in. We are currently investigating it as a murder-suicide. It looked like it happened recently around the time we got the phone call, It is pretty traumatic, especially around Christmas time. You have someone who hasn’t even started his life. It is tragic. The child was involved in youth sports and heavily involved in the community. It is just bad.”

Phillip Foye and Sebastian lived with an adult female who apparently wasn’t at home at the time of the shooting.

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