Ray Clemence

Former Liverpool And Tottenham Goalkeeper Ray Clemence Dies At Age 72

The former England international was part of Liverpool’s side in the 1970s and also played for Tottenham before retirement in 1988.

He was confirmed dead by his family on Sunday, after years of battling with prostate cancer which he was diagnosed in 2005 and after undergoing surgery for a brain tumour.

Clemence spent 14 years at Liverpool, winning five first division titles and 3 European Cups.  He then moved to Spurs, where he spent 7 years, winning the 1982 FA Cup and 1984 UEFA Cup.

He retired from coaching England International Team, Goalkeepers, and after playing 61 times for the international team in 2013.

His family released a statement to make his demise public

“With great sadness, we write to let you know that Ray Clemence passed away peacefully today, surrounded by his loving family, after fighting so hard, for such a long time, he’s now at peace and in no more pain.”

Ray Clemence. photo by: Dialystar

His family concluded by thanking all those who showed the deceased love and supported him, while he was alive and now that he is dead.

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