Gorilla Glue Girl: Update

A Louisiana woman known as Tessica Brown, has sought medical treatment after mistakenly using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive instead of actual hair spray.

She posted a video on Tiktok (@im_d_ollady) and revealed that her hair had been stuck in the same style for a month after using industrial strength glue. She previously used Got2B spray.

“My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It don’t move,”

“I’ve washed my hair 15 times,” She said in the video.

According to Gorilla Glue’s website, the glue — which is 100% waterproof and usually used for fixing bathroom tiles, wood flooring and decking — can be removed with acetone or isopropyl alchol.

The company reached out to her earlier on in the dilemma: Hi there, we are sorry to learn about your experience! We do not recommend using our products in hair as they are considered permanent. You can try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area.”

On Saturday, Tessica updated her followers on Instagram as @im_d_ollady. She posted pictures of herself checking into St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana to try to remove the product.

A recent tweet from the company reads:

We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. We are glad to see in her recent video that Miss Brown has received medical treatment from her local medical facility and wish her the best.Β pic.twitter.com/SoCvwxdrGc

β€” Gorilla Glue (@GorillaGlue)Β February 8, 2021

However, the remedies are not working and sources say she’s planning on lawyering up. Tessa spent 22 hours in the ER and tried to remove the product, but to no avail.

TMZ sources say, “We’re told healthcare workers put acetone on the back of her head, but it burned her scalp and only made the glue gooey before hardening back up,”

“Tessica, we’re told, was instructed to keep trying the potential remedy back home, but rubbing alcohol still hasn’t proved to be the cure,”

“Remember … Tessica says her hair’s been rock solid for about a month after substituting Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive for her normal hair spray. GG told us the quickest possible remedy was rubbing alcohol,”

“Our sources say Tessica’s hired an attorney and is weighing her legal options against Gorilla Glue. We’re told the label on the product she used says do not use on eyes, skin or clothing … with no mention of hair, which Tessica feels is misleading.”

Tessica’s GoFundMe has already raised over $9,000.


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