Halle Berry Says Zendaya is Making a Change in Hollywood

Halle Berry has endorsed actress Zendaya, and has called her projects, ‘proof-positive’, and a change in the future of Hollywood.

In an interview for the Hollywood Foreign Pres Association, Halle Berry said, “At 24, that she can have an idea and go get it done and get enough support behind her to get that done and to give her the power and to keep the creativity.”

β€œI think that says so much for where we have gotten and that is what makes me want to keep fighting, because of Zendaya, at 24, a Black woman can do that. But it’s proof that it’s changing, for sure.”

She also added that Zendaya’s new movie, ‘Malcom & Marie’ being added to Netflix “is proof-positive that things are changing and I couldn’t be prouder and I know you probably can’t be prouder of yourself, which is most important.”

Malcom & Marie will be released on February 5th.


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