Here is why Waterless Car Wash is one of the best business you can start now in 2021





Evolution is here and it is happening across all sectors.

The new business opportunity to come on the block is the waterless car washing business – car detailing.

Though it has been around for quite a while in developed countries but it’s yet to start making waves around Nigeria automotive industry and that’s the interesting part because the first person to do something is the one that enjoys the mass first benefits.

For a very long time, we’ve all been used to the conventional water splash car washing system but this washing method is offering something new and unique with a substantial opportunity to generate consistent income.



The waterless car washing system involves washing, cleaning, and waxing your car to give it a fresh shiny effect without using water or any harmful soap or detergent that could affect the color of your car. Waterless car wash is less energy and time-consuming compare to the water-based car wash, an average car washing session uses up 80 gallons of water compared to a waterless car wash system which is less than two cups of water (if measured) . The purpose of the waterless car wash is to protect your car’s color and remove stains.



A pack of waterless car wash contains two blue and one pink liquid washer and a microfibre tower, the blue liquid washers are used to wash while the pink liquid is used to wax.

For a shiny effect, spray a little quantity of liquid washer on the surface of the car then spray a little on the towel then start wiping.



For those involved in private or mobile washing, you don’t have to carry a bucket, water, or soap to your client’s house or office.


Waterless car wash is sold for N7500 per pack and you can sell for N10,000. The product is so effective that more than 100 packs could be sold within a short period of time. Selling 50 packs of the waterless car will return more than N50,000 profits

For marketers into mini importation business, the price on the ordering site will be much lesser which means more profits.



One of the blue bottles in a pack of waterless car wash can be usedo up t 20 times which means it can be used on 20 cars meanwhile there are two blue bottles which mean 40 cars. If you charge N500 per wash, That N20,000 made on one pack which is a profit of N12,500.



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