How Badly Do You Desire Wisdom In 2021?

It’s already the new year, and a lot of people have made their new year resolution already.

Most of these resolutions centre around money, and they do not even take cognizance of one principal thing that has could give them anything they will ever desire this year.

Don’t get me wrong. money is good. It gives comfort and helps afford things without stress. Money adds colour to life.

But money is not everything. Money is usually exaggerated.

This is why people desire money so badly that they forget the principal thing(wisdom) that plays pivotal roles in all aspects of their lives.

What is wisdom?

A lot of people do confuse wisdom with knowledge. But wisdom and knowledge are not the same thing.

Knowledge is just the accumulation of facts like dates, historical figures, and, what they did without deriving any meaning from them.

Knowledge is simply the awareness of when something happened and what led to it, like the lekki toll gate massacre of 20th October 2020.

But wisdom is knowing how that happened, the reasons behind what happened, what it meant and how what happened can be avoided, and how it can be used to achieve a common goal that is justly in the future.

Wisdom is extracting meaning from experience and knowledge that apply to other situations.

Wisdom is creativity and critical thinking combined.

From experience and knowledge, creative thinking helps generate fresh new ideas that are unique. Critical thinking then vets those new ideas to determine if the ideas are practical and applicable.

“In the words of John Obidi, wisdom is the science of connection. It’s the conscious practice of connecting the dots. It’s being able to ask yourself, how are these things connected, how possible are they”.

While a lot of people define wisdom in several ways, its importance can’t be over emphasised. The numerous definitions cannot downplay its supremacy over every other in life.

It is through Wisdom the foundation of this earth was laid. Through wisdom things(technology and other inventions) that we are enjoying today were given birth to.

And the good news is that, wisom can be acquired. Although many people have argued that wisdom is natural, that people who have it were born with it.

So how can wisdom be acquired?

Many of the people who invented things that revolutionised our world today were not born with it.

Many were very dull at an early age, and did not even have hope of living a meaningful life.

But everything turned around when they desired change. They determined exactly what they wanted and pursued it with all their energy.

They paid attention, associate, and appreciate other people who had wisdom. They even had mentors who had wisdom so they could be mentored by them.

By the virtue of Association with those who had wisdom, they became wise too.

Whatever you desire, pay attention, and associate yourself with become part of you, and in the long run, you become that thing or acquire it.

So you acquire wisdom by first of all desiring, paying attention, and then associating yourself with those who have wisdom. You associate with the wise by reading their books, becoming their mentee, listening to their podcasts, and attending their seminars.

How badly do you desire wisdom this year?

Your seriousness about acquiring wisdom determines the extent to which you are going to be wise.

It is not enough to desire money, but desiring wisdom will deliver any amount of money you ever need into your hand. Wisdom will help you know how to manage and multiply your money. And you will get every other thing you will ever desire.

Wisdom will also help you to know how to come out of setbacks. It will help you with any anything will do this 2021.

In all your desires this year, desire wisdom most. For wisdom is the principal thing and a lot of people have perished for lack of wisdom.


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