How Do You See Challenges In 2021?

How Do You See Challenges In 2021?

The way you see things will determine how far you will achieve your goals in 2021. Like every other year, 2021 has its ups and downs. How you see them will determine how you make money, become better, and change the status quo.

Few years ago when I was in Secondary school, an incident happened that up till today, I am still learning valuable lessons from it.

My secondary school was/is near a river. And I was living outside the school dormitory.

On a fateful, when almost all of us who were living in the compound went out to the nearby river to swim and fetch water in returning home. There was a boy among us who was a new person. Before that very day, I had been going to the river and did not know how to swim.But the new boy who came barely two months or thereabout knew how to swim.

The similarity between the both of us was that we both came from an area where there was no river, yet he knew how to swim before me right there in the said river.

So when we went to the river that fateful evening, all of us entered the water. People like me, including myself, who did not know how to swim stood at the shallow part of the river.

Suddenly, the new boy came around and pushed me into the deeper side of the water. My legs couldn’t touch the ground again and he left me there.

I was inside the water struggling while those who mastered swimming were laughing at me. Those who didn’t were pitying me and some crying at the same time.

When I became weak and couldn’t struggle again, that’s when the river started carrying me to a deeper end. In my mind, I thought my chapter had ended that day, and was wondering how my parents would react hearing the incident. All of a sudden, help came from nowhere. One of the guys who knew how to swim very well rescued me. Glory to God! I was among the living again. My fellow non-swimmers came around to empathise with me while the pro swimmers were still joking at the incident.

After what happened, did I stop going to the river?

I know you think I stopped going to the river.

No. I didn’t stop going to the river. I even became a coordinator and started coordinating all of us to the river every morning before school and after school every evening.

The incident was a challenge that motivated me to master swimming at all costs. It was an embarrassment for the new boy to do that to me and I was determined to master swimming as soon as possible. Eventually, I sure knew how to swim a month later.

While this incidence was a challenge for me to become better, there were some among us who saw the incident as a threat. They stopped coming to the river and did not know how to swim, even till today.

I went on to enjoy my swimming skill when I was working in one hotel that had a standard swimming pool. During off days and hours, I was always in the pool having fun with others. This wouldn’t be possible if I had refused to learn after the incident.

You see, three people can experience a very bad scenario and two persons would later make the most from that single experience and the other would live in fear and remained the same.

The difference is perception. While one lives out of his past memory, the other two live out of their imagination. They see the experience as a challenge and imagine the ways to become better and never to have such an experience again.

Seeing is being. What you perceive is who you are. If you want to become better, change your perception. Change the lens through which you see things in life.

When something happens to you, don’t say God wants it that way.

Which God? And which way? Is it the one that wants you to manifest his glory?

He didn’t create you to become a looser or a mediocre. So start seeing things as a challenge to become a better version of yourself rather than a threat, for every experience has the potential to change your life for the better.


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