“I charge #10 Million For Runs” Says Bobrisky

Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky, took to his Snapchat to reveal how much he charges for sleeping with men.

He revealed he charges #10 Million for runs and warned men who couldn’t afford his price range to patronize cheaper runs girls.

He added he does not even 2 million for runs because he is top babe and mentioned he is going to meet a young billionaire whom he charged #15 Million.

His Snapchat reads:

“I want to go and do 15million runs tomorrow who wanna follow me? Shola Oremi you better let me hook u up with some billionaires dick. We don’t fuck for 2million naaaa God forbid. Our runs start from 10million and above. If you no get 10million there are cheaper girls in Lagos that can still collect 300k.”




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