Jews are the richest

Jews are the richest in the world – See why

According to Wikipedia, 8 out of the top 10 richest men in the world are Americans and 5 out of them are Jews.

The Founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has a Jewish Father, the popular computer brand Hp is owned by a Jewish investor, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook is a Jew and Facebook now has higher control of  Whatsapp, Instagram, etc amongst others, The Chairman of America Federal Reserve Ben-Shalom is a Jew. The Jews have much personnel in Hollywood, Silicon Valley Wall street, etc.

So, why do these Jew dominate a lot of higher positions in the world wealth list?


In the Jewish tradition, Poverty must be avoided and each individual must be gainfully employed in whatever positions they hold. The Jews generally perceive poverty as a negative state because the Jewish text portrays poverty as an “unjustifiable burden”.

Does this mean all Jews are Rich?

The answer is no, but an average Jew who lacks anything must be collectively rallied around and assisted, so says the law.

10-20 percent of wages must go to charitable courses. And this is seen in many lands where the Jews live, as they graciously provide support to anyone that opens a business.

Two more factors contributed to their success.

One, the Jews were the pioneers who opened the first banks, So their skill in finance contributed to growth as this was a much-needed service in developing countries.

Two, the Jews tend to be more educated than other religious groups and are considered the most educated religious group on the planet.

According to Alux, a Jew receives an average of 13.4 years of schooling and in post-graduate degrees, the Jews rank up to 61 percent qualifications, this a clear contrast to the Christians who came second whose average schooling is at 9.3 years.

So with more qualifications comes higher positions.

In 2008, the Pew forum institute released a study that shows that 46 percent of Jews are earning $100,000 (N400,000 million) or more per year, and this figure should have improved as we are moving into 2021.

Jews are the richest


So, How about other religious groups?

As seen earlier, The Christians came second in the schooling list, but this does not drop wealth ranking as notable billionaires like JD Rockefeller of Standard Oil, Mary kay Ash of Mary Kay cosmetics Sam Walton of Walmart, Jen Cheng of HTC mobile amongst others are all core Christians.

What about the Muslims, none can deny the vast grandeur of wealth in which the emirate holds, there is even a popular slang called “Arab Money” which is used to denotes a lot of wealth and Dubai money bags are in contention for the future listing of world richest?

But for now, The Jews are still the front-runners

Only time will tell who will beat the Israel populated religion.

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