Lady Shed Tears After She Was Told That Her Eyelashes Are Not Real When She Went To Get Her National Identification Number And Renew Her Passport

A lady who went to get her National Identification Number and also renew her passport has described how she was told she can’t take it because her ‘eyelashes are fake’.

According to @Tiwalowla, this happened when it was time to take her photo. She added that she chose to leave her passport at the office as the event made her shed tears.


She tweeted;


Waited 5 hours in the passport office to get my NIN and renew my Nigerian passport and when it was time to finally take my picture and go home they said they couldn’t take it because my lashes aren’t real. They said I should bring scissors to cut them

No jokes oh, guys see the lashes and the hot tears I cried. Haven’t even eaten today

Honestly, they can keep the passport because I’m over it!!Β I carried my bag and left o! They can keep the passport


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