Lil Uzi Vert implants $24M pink diamond on his forehead

Lil Uzi Vert, an American popular rapper known for his extravagant jewelry purchases tops the list yet again by implanting a rare natural pink diamond worth $24 Million on his forehead.

The Philadelphia rapper made headlines In January where he first revealed his plans to have a diamond implanted on his face on social media account.

‘I’ve been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now. This one Stone cost so much I’ve been paying for it since 2017. That was the first time I saw a real natural pink diamond. A lot of M’s in my face’ – He tweeted.

He further retweeted a post that said the pink diamond was worth $24 million and was between 10-11 carats. The rapper also revealed that the diamond is his biggest purchase ever

‘Yes my Bugatti can’t even pay for it … all my cars together, plus my home can’t pay for it. This took so long now I can get this money’- He said.

This act got his fans making gestures and memes. Others are comparing him to Marvel Comics’ Superhero, Vision.


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