Love is not a one day adventure

Over the century, one of the greatest concerns of relationship scholars and writers has been about defining love and how best it can be practiced. Despite the various researches underwent by these individuals, all attempts inconclusive. This is because love is not a concept one can study and proffer conclusive solution rather love is a process that gradually unfolds with conscious effort and undivided devotion

According to dictionary description, the term love can simply be understood as having affection for someone or having a benevolent concern, care, enthusiasm, or liking for someone as well as their wellbeing. This definition shows that love does not only end in having interpersonal attraction or affection for the other party but it’s an act that is interested in the all-around wellbeing of the parties involved.

It is actually a toxic mental construction to feel that love should be expressed in one day as many lovers would say on the so-called ” lover’s (Valentine’s,) day “. Many will feel that if their lovers don’t take them out on that day or buy them gifts on that day that they are not loved and this has a tendency of ending such a relationship. Although it would be commendable to have a swell time with one’s lover on this beautiful day but such a wonderful time should not be tied to only one day. It should be a daily adventure, a way of life, and not just limited to certain conditionalities.

It is worthy of note to reiterate the fact that the best form of love is one that guarantees the wellbeing of the parties therein, anything inconsequential to this position should be rejected.
It won’t be out of place to say that most 21st century relationships don’t safeguard the well-being of the parties therein this is because it’s more like a win-win system where parties will ensure that there are not losing out on the goodies that accompanies the relationship rather love should be about compromising and ensuring that the other party is happy and satisfied and same is reciprocated by the satisfied party.

That is, it’s like an offeror in the law of contracts ensuring that the offeree gets all entitlement as initially agreed by him or her and the offeree also ensures that they don’t go against the right and entitlement of the offeror as agreed by the parties. That is how love should be practiced and not otherwise. Love should be an all-day, all week, and all year practice and not a single day adventure.


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