Nigerian Embassy Fires Staff Caught In Hotel Room With A Woman

A Security guard identified as Martins Oni has been found guilty by The Nigerian Embassy in Germany, for sexually harassing Nigerian ladies who come to the embassy to renew their passport.

Reports claim that Mr Martin allegedly solicited sex from the woman before renewing her passport.

In a viral video, a man is seen challenging Mr Martins who was caught pants down in a hotel with a lady who he allegedly solicited sex, before he would release her passport.

In the video, Mr Martin kept pleading: β€œLet me explain, please. Please, it is not like that,”

Behind the camera, a voice kept saying that Mr Martin’s cup is full, as he is fond of demanding sex from ladies before doing his job.

An investigation was carried out by the Embassy and Mr Martins was found guilty.

Sex-for-passport_ Nigerian Embassy fires staff nabbed in hotel room with a woman

In a statement, the embassy suspended Mr Martins;

The Statement reads:

β€œThe Investigation Committee interviewed Mr Oni and other witnesses as part of a thorough examination of these very serious charges.

It concluded that Mr Oni was culpable and in violation of all the relevant codes.

As a result, Mr. Martins Adedeji Oni’s contract with the Embassy as a Local Staff has been terminated.”

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