Nigerians wear face mask to avoid another lockdown – FG warns

  • The Federal Government of Nigeria is concerned for the health of its Citizens.
    The Presidency is also Concerned that the Executive order given last week that any Nigerian who is not seen wearing a face mask will be arrested is not making Nigerians Wear their face mask.
    The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media, Garba Shehu made this known on Sunday that the FG wants Nigerians to wear their face mask, wash their hands with soap and water and also observe social distance in other to avoid the spread of the Corona Virus. Garba Shehu also made it known that lockdown is not really what the government is also interested in enforcing again because of the economic implications but if the Citizens do not cooperate with the Executive order of the FG the President would have no choice but to enforce another lockdown.
    Garba Shehu also urged the State Governments, Traditional rulers, to ensure their state cooperates with the Executive order of the FG. And also said that The FG did not give the Executive order to punish Nigerians but because The FG has the Interest of Nigerians in Mind, He says every responsible Government cares about the public health of its citizens, And That the FG is and won’t stop caring about the public health of Nigerians.

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