Over 1,000 victims of the 2020 flood in 11 Local Government Areas in Adamawa received relief materials from NEMA

Report reaching deegist blog shows that victims of 2020 flood in Adamawa state received relief items on Friday from the head of operation of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA ) in yola. According to the head of the operation in the person of Mr. Anuhu Midala, the relief materials was an effort to quell the ravages caused by the 2020 flood with the focus of improving the condition of living of those affected. The items presented to those affected included foodstuff and building materials as gestures showing the federal government sympathy in the situation.

Further, Midala, also pleaded that the affected community should shun unhealthy building practices such as erecting structures on waterways which can lead to blockage of drainage which can cause a repeat of the same disaster. Thus, he condemns such actions and encourages all to work together for the safety of their lives and their community.

Dr. Mohammad Sulaiman, Executive Secretary, Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency (ADSEMA) responding for Adamawa state and the affected local government saw this move by the government as a β€˜Gigantic effort.’ And was gladdened that the promise of the relief items for the affected local government actually reached them.


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