“Owing A House Is Not An Achievement” – Lady Reacts Has LAX Buys New House

A lady on Twitter has reacted to Nigerian Singer LAX purchase of a new house saying; “How do I tell my people that owning a home is not an achievement?”

Many people are pissed off with her comment and went further to blast

One Twitter User replied her saying:

“Having a home of your own is one of the biggest achievements in a man’s life. The relief of living rent-free, in your comfort zone. That said, let this be the last time you’re telling people how to celebrate an achievement you have zero contributions in. May God heal you.”

Another said:

“Did he buy the house with cowries and salt….hatred just full your head and the engagements this post gets show that a lot of Nigerians are haters. Never tell people around you your next moves….let them see the results themselves”

Another commented:

“You actually don’t have any reason for this tweet. You’re just bitter. Owning your own home is a very big achievement. One of the biggest achievement any man/woman can be proud of.”


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