Pope Francis Instagram Account Caught Liking A Nude Photo

An Instagram model Natalia Garibotto, noticed that the Catholic Pope Instagram account with username @franciscus had liked a photo of her in a very short school girl outfit and once the news spread, the like disappeared.

The model said the pope didn’t slide into her DM to say anythingΒ  but did tweet after the news went out saying “At least am going to heaven.”

In, an interview with Barstool sports, she said ” My mom may hate my ass. but the pope be double-tapping.”

@franciscus like on the picture

Earlier, Pope Francis publicly endorsed LGBT and advised parents with LGBT kids to treat them well because they are children of God and has the right to be in a family.

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He is the first Pope to publicly show support for the LGBT Community.

Questions are been asked. Was the like a mistake or something else?


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