Power: An Uplifting Message

Even in the Bible, life is referred to as a race.

It’s a marathon. and we all know how intense marathons are; they take up all your energy, strength and you practically need a lot of determination to finally get to the finish line.

I’ve felt first hand how tasking it is to live. take note; not to exist, but to live. living is tasking. you need to take a lot of risks, fight a lot of battles, and encounter a lot of things in order to live.

living can drain you. it’s truly ironic how living can suck the life out of you.

so many disappointments, so much pain, so many insecurities, failed friendships and doubt; these things can make you feel like you’re worthless.

You begin to ask questions about yourself that you would never have asked. You begin to think bad thoughts. you begin to feel frustrated. You start to compare yourself to others. You start to downgrade the talents and qualities you have.

You’ll feel all this and more. and of course there are days where you feel hope and begin to feel like things will get better. Then before you know it, everything goes back to the way it was. There’s this verse in the book of Psalms that gave me chills, because that was exactly how I used to talk to myself.

You have taken from me friend and neighbor— darkness is my closest friend.
Psalms 88:18 NIV

The second part of that verse was so deep (the sons of Korah were quite poetic).

Darkness and I used to be friends. and sometimes, I still feel like we are.

There’s nobody who can tell you that good days will last forever. But, the bad days don’t last forever either. They both fade away at some point and usher in the other.

So here’s my advice: instead of spending the good days anticipating the arrival of the bad days, make good use of them. Do the things you love. watch things that will uplift you. try to develop yourself. Pray for strength for when times eventually get tough (because, whether you want it or not, they will).

During the bad days, try not to fall too deep into depression. Try not to fall into sin, because it is when the Devil knows you are sad and lonely that he begins to plant sinful thoughts into your mind. No matter how hard it is, read at least one Bible verse. A Bible verse that can renew your hope.

I know how it can feel when you’re unhappy. Motivational quotes can become annoying, and you hate when people try to give you advice on how to turn things around. I know.

But there will come a time of hope and renewal. a time of awakening. Use that time in such a way that prepares you for the trying times which may come ahead.

Life will stress you, but hey, who’s to say you can’t stress it right back?

Who’s to say you can’t wake up and say:


“Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.
Psalms 27:3 NIV.”

I’m not trying to motivate you. I’m simply giving you that little push you need to find yourself. You have the power to change how you feel.

I’m simply sprinkling a little salt into the boiling pot of food, and that little sprinkle is what will hopefully bring the taste of the food to life. ( you are the food!)

God bless you if you ever see this.


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