Prof Osinbajo wishes Nigerians a merry Christmas

In the early hours of December 25th, 2020, The vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria in the person of prof. Yemi Osinbajo wished all Nigerians a memorable merry Christmas with high optimism that the year 2021 will be best for all Nigerians across the globe.

This was made known to the deegist blog via the verified Twitter handle of the vice president as he had Twitted to the notice of all Nigerians who are his followers. This twit buttressed the earlier Christmas speech rendered by President Muhammadu Buhari to all Nigerian populace who are Christians.

Every year Christians across the globe usually converge to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ being the redeemer of the world as practiced in their Christian faith and the vice president acting in two capacity as a Christian and representative of the presidency didn’t forget to wish his fellow Christians and Nigerians a wonderful time today. He was found flaunting a well-animated graphics of himself with the compliments of the season well inscripted.

This is indeed a wonderful gesture from the presidency for finding time amidst the trying moment in the country to encourage Nigerians to share the love that comes with the season by sharing the little they have with their families, neighbors, and people around them as well as wishing all Nigerians the best Christmas experience ever and to keep their hope high for a better 2021.


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