Lil Pump

Rapper Lil Pump banned from flying JetBlue for refusing to wear nose mask

Rapper and Trump supporter, Lil Pump, has been banned from flying JetBlue after he refused to wear a nose mask while up on air.

A representative from the airline told TMZΒ that Lil Pump became verbally abusive to crew members on one of their Saturday flights from Fort Lauderdale to L.A and took off his nose mask and refused to put it back on when asked to do so.

TMZΒ reported the incident saying that JetBlue called in to LAX, telling them to have a cop on standby, but it doesn’t appear Lil Pump was arrested when they arrived.

Lil Pump also took to social media cursing the airline, saying, “f*** JetBlue,” and adding that he will never wear a nose mask in 2021.

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