Simi and Adekunle Gold’s Second Marriage Anniversary

Singers Adekunle Gold and Simi got married very privately in 2019 and now, they have clocked two years in marriage and the couple used their social media pages to celebrate their second anniversary with some sweet messages.

Simi pledged her forever love to her husband; calling him a good man, while Adekunle used his platform to look back on the day he met her in person. On the day he was to meet Simi, he wore a newly-bought vest and a pair of lilac trouser specially for the occasion of seeing her sing live. He admitted that he wanted her in his life from that day.

Adekunle revealed that he made sure to seat in the front row of the small hall where Simi performed for her audience.

His message read:

“I watched you talk, sing, laugh, and dance, and Omo I knew that very day that I wanted to be in your life. I knew that day that I wanted my forever to be you.

“Here we are, all three of us, talking, dancing, singing, laughing, and doing this called life together. With you, I have been blessed with so much, so much, it’s too much to count. I love you Simi. Forever your steward.”


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