Stripper Cuts Off Woman’s Wrist For Taking A Picture Of Her

Tori Uila Darrington a stripper has been accused of cutting her friend in the wrist with broken glass for taking a photo of her sitting on a bed.

Reports of the incidence which took place on Nov 4 say that Darrington arrived at her friend’s place after dropping her daughter at school. Darrington’s friend told the stripper to bring alcohol, and as the two were drinking, the friend allegedly snapped a photo of Darrington on the bed without her consent.

This made Darrington angry and requested her friend to give her the phone.

While the friend was speaking on phone with her boyfriend, Darrington pulled the phone from her. A struggle ensued between both friends, and that was when Darrington allegedly sliced her friend’s wrist with broken glass.

Darrington phoned an ambulance but fled away from the scene.

Darrington defence lawyer claims his client was only trying to delete the photos.

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“My client works in an industry where she gets income from photographers. She took umbrage to the photographs being taken and which she had not given permission to be taken,” said Mr MacCallum, Darrington lawyer.

According to him, his client did not break the glass intentionally and the other lady acted erratically because of the influence of the alcohol.

The sex stripper was granted bail but will appear in court again on 12 Jan 2020.



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