Stronger friendship tie between China and Africa remians amidst Covid-19 challenge – Chinese foreign minister

The interview conducted by Xinhua News Agency and China Media Group with Mr. Wang Yi, the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister found him affirming that the challenge posed by the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19) in the year 2020 has not in any way meddled with or truncated the friendship bond between China and Africa rather the pandemic has made the mutual friendship shared by this two continent to become stronger than before.

The minister further stated that China and Africa will continue to collaborate to bring about advancement for the developing countries. This was found in his words as follows: β€œWith our shared identity as part of the developing world, China and Africa have the responsibility of advancing the interests of developing countries,”. Furthermore, it was also hinted by the minister that the Chinese government and African leaders recently concluded a summit on the solidarity against covid-19 as a measure to cushion the impact of the pandemic in the African continent as well as strengthening the practice of intercountry aid and cooperation.

It was revealed that China out of their magnanimity and humanitarian inclination have sent medical teams to collaborate with African countries to provide medical aids for these countries as well as working with Africa on vaccines provision accordingly. Similarly, the minister also added that a groundbreaking ceremony by the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters has been reached which was part of an assistance project by China which will serve as an avenue through which China-Africa collaborate in fighting the pandemic.

As part of the good gesture from China, the minister Wang Yi explained that China has entered into a debt suspension agreement with 12 African countries which have been duly signed and authenticated as well as providing waivers of a matured interest-free loan for 15 African countries. Thus, He added that “China has suspended more debt service than any other G20 member,”.

Also, He added that Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) has been the body regulating China-Africa collaboration and for the past 20 years of collaboration, in the remarks of the minister this body has paved ways for cooperation, friendship, and advancement of developing countries as well as supporting in creating roads, railways, ports, power plants and siting of other technological innovation within African continent. In the words of Wang, he expressed confidence and the support of the Chinese government to Africa in recent times and assures that such gestures will continue.

Lastly, He also made known to the general public that the 2021 FOCAC summit will be held in Senegal with three core areas of China-Africa collaboration which includes vaccine cooperation, economic recovery, and transformative development that will guarantee greater benefit to the parties involved.

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