The Bitter Truth About Success That Is Very Hard To Admit

People define success differently. What success really means to others may be getting a lot of money in their bank account.

To some, what is real success in life is being able to get a house of their own. Care for family and they are better off.

Whatever success means to you, achieving success can either be hard or easy, depending on which vehicle of success you board.

However, success is like a magnet. It attracts people to itself.

Where success exists, people from nowhere will appear to familiarise and identify themselves with it.

And whether strangers or even enemies, people gravitate towards where success exists and become loyal followers.

Of course, they try to appear happy, generous, and cheer for others’ success.

But the bitter truth is that “not everyone who cheers for others’ success is happy and caring as they appear.”

Privately, so many of them are eating their heart out when others achieve.

This set of people see life as a competition. They believe that since the other person has won, there is none for them anymore.

They have a scarcity mindset. And this set of people would pretend as they care.

But inwardly they are competing and can’t hesitate to bring anyone down at any slightest opportunity.

Partially, they should not be blamed because our culture instilled that in them from childhood. The culture makes them believe that when a fellow becomes successful in a particular path, there is not enough for them again.

Because of this, they grow resentful and covet others’ success. If they see opportunity, they stop at nothing than making sure the person returns to the status quo.

But is that how it’s supposed to be? Are we supposed to be competing with each other instead of cooperating?

There is enough for everyone in this world. If everyone would cooperate rather than competing, there would be just enough wealth for everyone. And this would make our world the sweetest place to live – a place devoid of malice, divides and evil. It would be heaven on earth for all.

The task is for us to be open-minded. Open-mindedness as a child of creativity will help us view things objectively, and be able to chart our own course without attenpting to bring others down.

By this, we shall all be great, for “true greatness will be achieved through the abundant mind that works selflessly; with mutual respect, for mutual benefit”, says Stephen Covey.


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