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The importance of maintaining positive mental health amidst environmental pressure.

Our society, is filled with a lot of social and emotional variable which has taken a great toil on peoples wellbeing. If we look around in our immediate society, we will realize that thousands of people are going about their normal businesses with an unhealthy mental status which has indirectly impacted negatively on their relationship with their families, friends, and co-workers.

Most of these people do not believe that they have mental health issues or concerns due to the way society has misrepresented mental disorders and other related mental health issues or concerns. This misrepresentation has made people hide their mental health problems even the mildest ones like anxiety, phobias, and depression because of the stigma associated with it.

It would not be far-fetched to state that we are surrounded by various environmental variables which have the potency of negatively impacting our health status. For instance, the pressure to be financially independent, to care for those we love, to achieve our goals and aspirations, heartbreak in romantic settings, etc have catapulted many into a state of conflict which has greatly affected how they function. Thus, having a healthy and positive mental status adequately equips an individual to attain a state of full functionality as well as maximizing one’s full potential.

It is pertinent to state that achieving or attaining a state of mental wellness or soundness in an individual’s life cannot be treated with levity because physical health is largely dependent on one’s mental health. Although many still believe the myth that looking healthy physically is tantamount to being completely healthy. This position does not hold true because when there is no mental health, physical health becomes useless. Thus, it is the concern of mental health advocates to see a society where people are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy. To attain a state of complete mental soundness, the following guide would be helpful.

1. Avoid negativity:
One of the causative factors of poor mental health is harboring negative thoughts. Although our society gives us reasons not to be positive about life but the ability to bounce back amidst the negativity around us shows a sign of good mental health. Thus, it’s imperative for one to shun negativity and embrace a more healthy way of thinking and doing things. For instance, the Advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of pessimism in the air and it takes having a health orientation about life to bounce back.

2. Eat healthy food:
Studies have shown that the type of substance (food) one ingest into their system has the potency of affecting their wellbeing. It is not uncommon to see people patronize junk food due to how yummy or appealing they appear but indeptly they cause both physical and mental harm to one’s wellbeing. That is, some of these substances do trigger emotional instability and internal disturbances which invariably impact negatively on the way and how the individual behaves accordingly. Thus, it incumbent on the public to watch what they eat daily to safeguard their wellbeing.

3. Mind your association:
The type of people an individual associates with tends to either alleviate or aggravate their daily sufferings or pressure. Although numerous social variables are in operation which does have a devastating impact on people’s wellbeing, a good association or friend network helps one bounce back to a state of normalcy because when this association has a positive orientation about life, the will transmit same to their members and vice versa.

4. Exercise regularly:
The role that regular exercise plays in helping individuals attain a state of mental well-being is commendable, this is because it helps regulate the body’s internal and external state by improving one’s muscle strength and boost one’s endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to individuals’ tissues and helps their cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Als,o exercise helps in burning accumulated body calories and repairing worn out tissues accordingly.
Exercise refreshes the human mind and allows for more positivity and optimism which are ingredients needed for achieving mental health. It reduces stress level, improves relaxation, regulates mood, fights diseases, and guarantee all-round wellbeing.


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