The rate of exam malpractices in this our generation is such in an alarming rate. Do we say it is because of civilization or desperate concern of the parents to see their children come out in flying colors?. Alas! during our own time too, our parents wanted us to succeed but not to the extent of looking out for “expo” for us at that time. Once you are given the food to eat and the tools you need, you are left to your fate. This is contrary to what is going on in our society today where nobody is ready to really sit down and read to pass the exam legitimately.

This singular act is lowering the standard of our education in Nigeria whether we like it or not. A student that did not really sat down to do a rigorous study to pass his or her exams will find it difficult to cope when he/she eventually gets admission to the institution of higher learning. Some of them might not be in good standing as we used to call it in those days thereby making them to be advised to withdraw from their course of choice. In that case who do we blame for this? Is it the student that consented to collecting the ‘expo’ or the parents that went all out to make sure their child succeeded in their exams no matter what method they used?

One thing we must bear in mind is that we should start building the kind of society we want to see right away from our homes and families. This can be achieved by inculcating moral values into our children right away from the cradle to the adulthood. Let’s teach them the proper ways of doing things not trying to cut corners. A child that bribed his/her way throughout educational pursuit will do the same in other areas of human endeavor.

One Institution in Nigeria that has reduced this menace of exam malpractice is the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This is achieved by the introduction of CCTV cameras into the exam hall. With this properly configured, it was possible to monitor all the students at a go. Anyone engaging in any form of malpractice can easily be identified and dealt with immediately. This effort with the introduction of Computer Based Test (CBT) has increased the credibility of the exam and the time it takes before the result is released. This led to the assertion that things can work in Nigeria if we are so willing provided we are ready to embrace the change Technology has brought to our doorstep. The change we want can be achieved if we can leverage on the use of this Technology.


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