The New Trend: Buss It

The ‘Buss it’ Challenge has taken the world by storm, as it has been a trending challenge on the video sharing networking platform Tiktok and even on Twitter. The challenge takes you from zero to hundred. Everyone is making their videos, showing off how beautiful/ handsome they can actually be.

The challenge is named after the song used, ‘Buss It’ by Texan rapper Erica Banks. In the challenge, you need two different looks, knowledge of Tiktok, and a little twerking.

Before the challenge, Erica Banks did not have a Wikipedia page, but now one has been created in her name and it states: Erica Banks is an American rapper from DeSoto, Texas. She was working with the 1501 Entertainment before signing with Warner Records in January 2021. Her single “Buss It,” recorded in December 2019, is popular on TikTok.It sampled Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” In August 2020, “Buss It” charted 38 on R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay.


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