The significance of maintaining positive mental health in the 2020 Christmas season.

The fundamental goal of every human is to be healthy at all costs and that’s why the health sectors are making so much money lately. Although a good state of physical health is good a good state of mental health is better since well-being is mostly defined based on the soundness of the mind. Thus, it takes having a good health status (physical and mental) to enjoy the merriment that comes with the Christmas season.

Christmas season is the time of the year where families and friends come together to share love and happiness as well as mark the birth of the savior of the universe for those who are Christians. Although this season comes with a lot of bonding, mending, charity, and celebration, it also comes with great responsibilities which usually put many in a state of tension and stress. For instance, those who moved out of their rural vicinities to “work” or “hustle” in major cities in Nigeria are under great pressure to bring home good returns and make the Christmas or Yuletide session a memorable one for their families and loved ones.

It won’t be farfetched to say “The Year 2020” has been crazy with the damaging impact of the novel corona-virus pandemic (covid-19) which led to the global lockdown, as well crumbling the economy of the world which has put many countries in the recession of which Nigeria is inclusive.

In Nigeria, the resultant effect of this pandemic has caused many individuals to lose their jobs, some their salaries withheld or not paid while for others their businesses folded up. Thus, they haven’t been a lot of cash flow in the hands of Nigerian people this year which may negatively impact the Christmas celebration accordingly. Although this may not be the case in other parts of the world.

Though “the year 2020” didn’t turn out to be as many had expected especially in Nigeria yet several people are trying their best to enjoy the happiness and excitement that comes with the Christmas season even in their lack and some have gone as far as borrowing money just to enjoy this festive season with their love ones. It is imperative to state that amidst the fun, we shouldn’t allow the pressure of giving our families and friends a memorable Christmas celebration to cause us to incur debt, or go through mental stress which may endanger our mental health.

The term mental health connotes a state of absolute mental functioning devoid of any impairment or mal-adaptiveness. Or simply put, mental health involves a state of total psychological wellbeing. Thus, positive mental health is a state of an acceptable behavioral display that is deemed appropriate for a normal individual where they can adequately manage their emotions, stress, and disappointment without breaking down. We have seen how Nigerians and citizens in other parts of the world maintained a great level of positive mental health amidst the pandemic and the dissatisfaction it came with hence encouraging people to continue in this positive mental status throughout this festive season is not negotiable rather it’s a necessity.

When people are exposed to continued mental stress caused by traumas, disappointment, and overpressure, they tend to undergo serious psychological break down which is unhealthy for normal functioning.

In this yuletide season, so many people are going through severe mental stress because of their unmet needs particularly caused by cashlessness. So many individuals have allowed this pressure to eat deep into them making them embittered and more negative in their thought processes which are unhealthy for their mental wellbeing.

For others, the loss of their loved ones occasioned by several societal mishaps like the endsars protest, covid 19 pandemic, and other misfortune within the country has brought a lot of negativity in the heart of these individuals which invariably is affecting their mental health.

Thus, to eradicate this problem it is significant to have a positive outlook on life and consciously strive to attain a state of happiness. To achieve these feet, the following procedures can help in maintaining a good or positive mental state specifically in this Christmas season:

1. If you can’t afford a new dress In this festive season, please use old ones:
You know the Christmas season comes with a lot of dramas and expectations. For instance, for some individuals having a new Christmas outfit is more like an annual tradition and many individuals try to live up to the expectations.

It is indeed applaudable to always try to meet such demands yet it’s advisable not to put one’s self in a state of pressure especially when the dress cannot be afforded. The year 2020 hasn’t been all that amazing thus if one can’t afford new stuff for their family then the old beautiful outfit can be used.

2. If a large feast is not possible make do with what you have:
Having a large Christmas feast may be unnecessary especially if it’s causing distress to the individual who foots the bill. Having everything in moderation Is the key to successfully enjoying Christmas in the year 2020. If you can’t afford to get chicken, goat, or cow please use an alternative. Make use of what you have per time.

3. Avoid incurring debt for the new year:
Running into debt in the new year could be devastating and disorganizing thus it’s advisable to stay within one’s income level. The yuletide experience may not be fearful but it can be made memorable if one can be judicious with the little you have.

4. Remember you are not in competition with anyone:
It is very fundamental to state that the Christmas season is strictly for the celebration of love/happiness as well as the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, no one competes with anyone so don’t put anyone under undue pressure.

5. Be within your budget (extravagant spending):
Spending unnecessarily can be so dangerous. One has to be very meticulous and calculating at all times to make their Christmas celebration memorable. Rather than engaging in impulsive expenses in this season one has to be disciplined and focused on what they buy or spend on.

In conclusion, having positive mental health will help one appreciate and utilize the little they have without breaking down because things didn’t come to realism as had been anticipated.





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