The three core intelligence every lady should possess.

Being a lady comes with a lot of responsibility/ expectations but it’s quite unfortunate to see that most lady’s don’t know what it means being a lady and this explains why most of them live a carefree life. It is heartbreaking to look around and see that the lady’s we have only believe in extravagant lifestyle as the only way of proofing their self-worth within their vicinity.

It is not uncommon to see many of them invest so much in their looks while forgetting their brain. Mind you am not saying looking good is bad but what am saying is that looking good without any form of intelligence is worst especially when it is within a romantic relationship.

it sucks to see that what most lady’s want is a man who understands them and their general emotional state and none are interested in understanding how the man does feel at the time. They possess this self-centered representation of themselves as the center of focus and the man is meant to always pledge his undying loyalty to them even when they may also need this similar care and attention.

Also, some ladies believe that the only way a man can prove his underlying love for them is through spending heavily on them and on extension living an extravagant lifestyle just to impress the people around them which may not be necessary most time.

They believe that they shouldn’t be questioned when they spend money in an injudicious manner even when it doesn’t show accountability and this act silently depletes the love both parties may be sharing even when he doesn’t speak up.

When a woman is being approached for a committed romantic relationship, it usually comes with certain expectations from the man who is involved but when these expectations are not met in a long run, break up is bound to happen. Thus, every lady needs at least three forms of intelligence to migrate the world of relationships although it is not limited to these three.

1. Emotional intelligence:
The term emotional intelligence was defined by Peter Salovey and John Mayer, (1990) “as the subset of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions”. Simply put, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions firstly then on extension the emotions of those around them.

A woman’s ability to understand how those around them feel will go a long way in making her a better lover. This is because one fundamental principle of emotional intelligence is that the interest of others should be placed above one’s interest which is the best act of humanitarianism.

In a romantic setting, it is advisable that a lady should be people-focused, not self-focused to make her relationship successful. That is when a conscious effort is made by a lady to understand the pressure her man faces every day at the workplace and appreciate every little gesture of kindness put forward then relational conflicts and breakups would be largely reduced. Thus, emotional intelligence is very fundamental.

2. Financial intelligence:
Although the general claim is that ladies or women are better managers than men but this assertion has a lot of lacunae therein since most modern women nowadays are more materialistic and lack accountability especially when it has to do with money.

Many relationships have been seen shredded because of lack of civility in money management on the part of the woman especially when the man is not the type that ignores an unhealthy way of spending money.

According to Melody Zheng (2020) “Financial intelligence or IQ is defined as a type of intelligence and knowledge about obtaining, saving, and spending money wisely”. From this definition, the fact highlighted shows that being wise with one’s daily expenditures will safeguard one against bankruptcy.

Thus, as the claim has always been that women are better managers, it becomes imperative for them to acquaint themselves with the financial know-how to order to preserve their relationship.

3. Social intelligence: The term social intelligence is defined as” the capacity to communicate and form relationships with empathy and assertiveness”(Sofía García-Bullé., 2019). Some women suck in this area, and this lack of social skills do harm the longevity of their intimate relationship as well as their interpersonal relationships.

Every man needs a woman who can flow along with him at every setting and not have a woman who acts all timid and can’t engage others intelligently.

Although most women are reserve when they find their selves in a location unfamiliar to them but the ability to blend in shows a high level of assertiveness. The good aspect of this intelligence mentioned is that they can be learned and not necessarily an inherited predisposition.

In conclusion, a woman who has developed these tripartite form of intelligence will be far more desirable by men than those who lack them. Hence, proactive measures must be taken to develop these forms of intelligence and it’s essential too that men develop theirs equally.


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