“They put their heart and soul into their work” – Lady gaga commends health workers

Lady Gaga in an interview with People magazine, expressed joy at the healthcare services rendered to her relative.


The undisclosed relative had been hospitalized for months with an undisclosed illness.


“I was in the ICU (intensive care unit) by myself many times because you can’t go in with more than one person, if you can go in at all,”


The music star expressed her heart felt appreciation for the healthcare workers who apparently didn’t know who she was. She also stated that they showered her with love  and encouraging words to ease the tension of the moment.


“They put their heart and soul into their work, and they even cared for me, who – I assure you, nobody could even recognise me behind all the gear that I had on (sic),” she recalled, adding: “they just said, ‘How are you doing? How is your family? Is everything OK? Can we do anything?'”



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